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Facility Maintenance

Direct Line Commercial provides quality, consistent services to our customers and a broad range of cleaning and support services to a diverse marketplace. We have built our reputation on our ability to identify your company's support needs and to select, train, and manage the right people to meet those needs.

Our proactive management, timely quality inspections, stable staffing, and our commitment to quality enable us to provide an unmatched service to our clients. Our commitment has always been total customer satisfaction. Our objective is Proactive Management vs. Reactive Management resulting in customer loyalty that results in long, successful relationships. This is our commitment to our most valuable asset – our client!

We are a locally operated, facilities services contracting firm that provides professional facilities maintenance (FM). Each division is designed to provide your facility with the properly engineered service you need, when you need it, and where you need it. We provide services for all types and sizes of facilities.

Along with our FM services, we also offer the option of light-duty maintenance like changing light-bulbs, fixing door handles, graffiti removal , etc… With smaller contracts, these services are typically billed per-project. Larger contracts such as shopping centers and office buildings, we can provide full-time maintenance workers.

Direct Line Commercial will always strive to be a leader in providing quality service to our clients. We will maintain the highest integrity in all of our relationships with clients, associates, and suppliers. We will continuously make every effort to maintain a safe and ecologically sound environment. We will implement the best available methods, procedures, and systems to provide exceptional value to our clients while providing a fair return on our investment.

Recruitment & Staffing plans: These plans outline our procedure for recruiting an experienced uniformed staff for your facility. It details our approach to recruiting through our application process. Direct Line Commercial selects the candidates that best meet our requirements.

Other systems we have implemented and maintained successfully are: Performance Evaluations, Customer Service Evaluations, Customer Request or Complaint Procedures, Service Call Response Plan, Safety programs, Management and Employee Evaluations, Employee Handbooks, Management and Employee Orientation program, Management and Employee Training plans, Employee Incentive Programs, Inventory System, Capital Equipment purchases, Material and Supply purchases, to name a few.

Quality Performance Control Program: This program details our approach to assuring that we provide your facility with the highest level of quality service. It outlines our expectations and goals and is used as a guideline for administering the contract. Implementing and maintaining this plan assures that the level of service is meeting our performance goals. Our staff are equipped with RIM Blackberries with digital camera capability to ensure instant information gathering for our clients.

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